P2P Attributes

  • Point-to-Point communnication - directly addressing a peer.
  • Cross-Linked Networks (aka 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon).
    Each peer is connected to other peers, etc. Each peer is only a few hops away from another.
  • Broadcast Communication - Bus architecture.
    Messages are broadcast to all peers. Useful for discovery, events, and queries when only one peer may have an answer, but you don't know which. (TIBCO)
  • Multipoint Communication.
    Somewhat like broadcasting, but multiple peers are sent multiple messages. Useful when broadcasting is desireable, but broadcasts may not reach all peers (firewalls and subnets).
  • Network Graphs
    Description of the logical nework(s) of peers.
  • Distributed Data Storage
    Each peer can store and share data and files.
  • Bandwidth Reduction
    Decentralized topologies vs. hub and spoke, query caching, etc.
  • Distributed Computing
    Share processing resources across peers.