Business Vision

Description: Defines the current efforts, goals and strategies the business has, which of these are relevant to the current project and how the current project should reflect these goals and strategies. Helps position the solution to evolve with the business and technical needs of the enterprise. 
Risk & Impact: The business vision begins to dictate the environment and processes that will be used to construct the solution. Not considering these goals and business environment means possibly creating a solution that will not work in the environment or not provide a long-term solution.
Upstream Tasks: Project Proposal
Downstream Tasks: System Environment
System Context
Existing System Analysis
Questions Asked:
  1. What is the current, standard business-computing environment?
  2. What goals does the enterprise have for the future of the business being impacted by the solution (e.g. Web enabled, Internet availability?)?
  3. What does the enterprise computing infrastructure/offerings look like? 
  4. What will the enterprise computing infrastructure/offerings look like?
Business Vision Statement Narrative and diagrammatic representation of the enterprise's business and technology environment and how it will be evolving to meet the long-term goals of the company.