Process and Data Placement

Description: This task assumes a distributed system. Based on the system architecture, service requirements and volumetric characteristics of the system, this task attempts to define where each function should reside in the system and where the data should reside.
Risk & Impact: This task defines the location of data and function in the solution. Lack of proper placement can result in a less flexible poorly performing solution.
Inputs: Volumetric Analysis
System Architecture
Upstream Tasks:
Downstream Tasks:
Questions Asked:
  • Is a particular function common in its use?
  • Is a particular function used only in certain business locations? 
  • Could a function benefit from centralized administration? 
  • What data replication options exists? 
  • Can data be replicated in a timely fashion? 
  • What is the timeliness of data?
  • Iterates with:
    Process and Data Placement Design A diagram showing the location of each function in the distributed system and the location of the data in the distributed system.