Reuse Analysis

Analyzes the design of the application and the needs of the business to identify function that could be reused from previous development efforts and to identify function that could be made generic enough to support future business needs. Defines, based on the analysis, a strategy for what will be reused and what will be designed for reuse.
Risk & Impact:
Inadequate analysis on this task could lead to less long-term return-on-investment due to the lack of reusable function.
Upstream Tasks:
Downstream Tasks:
Questions Asked:
  1. What function called for by the application design or business requirements can be reused from previously existing systems?
  2. Are any future applications or projects being considered based on a similar or related business?
  3. What function is generic enough to consider for development as a reusable component?
Iterates with:
Reuse Strategy a brief narrative document outlining the components that will be reused, the components that will be developed for reuse and the strategy for how these will be incorporated into the current effort.