Project Proposal

Description: Defines the scope of the solution to be built. Defines the sanctioned solution as opposed to the desired solution. The project proposal begins to define what the solution will be. Ideally, this proposal would be “signed-off” on by the customer management.
Risk & Impact: The project proposal defines the scope of the project and empowers the team to start working. The project proposal defines what will be done and what will not be done. Not having a project proposal means building a solution which may be too much, too little or unwanted by the customer. The project scope acts as a boundary around the project and defines what success is.
Inputs: None
Upstream Tasks: Problem Statement
Downstream Tasks: Business Vision
Questions Asked:
  1. What will be built?
  2. How will it be built? 
  3. How much time is allowed to build it in?
  4. How much money is allowed to build it?
  5. What non-project specific constraints should be factored into the solution?
  6. Who should be included in the process of creating the solution?
Deliverables: Project Proposal –A narrative, textual document.
Templates: Business Vision Template