Event Diagrams

This task defines the behavior of the system by detailing user-function, and function-function interaction, as well as the function itself. Each event trace details the objects involved, the components they are associated with, the message they send, the messages they receive, the order in which messages are sent and the arguments and return values for the messages.
Risk & Impact:
This task is critical as it defines exactly what will be built. Without a firm specification, the work can not be effectively divided among team members for construction.
Upstream Tasks:
Downstream Tasks:
Questions Asked:
  1. What are the entities involved in a function?
  2. What interaction must occur between entities and in what order? 
  3. What data must be exchanged by the entities?
Iterates with:
Collaboration Diagrams and/or Sequence Diagrams Standard UML documents showing object interaction. Collaboration diagrams depict a more general view while sequence diagrams depict a more technical, implementation view