Application Architecture and Design

Defines what technology components will be used to construct the solution, what different applications will be constructed for the solution, how each application will be broken into components and built, and key design elements. This focuses more on the technology needs of the IS organization and less on the needs of the business unit.
Risk & Impact:
This task defines what applications will be built and how they will be componentized and organized. Inadequate specification could lead to a less flexible design and constrained distribution leading to a less optimized system.
Upstream Tasks:
Downstream Tasks:
Questions Asked:
1.What are the key, independent functional areas (e.g. Business activities vs. maintenance activities)?
2.What are the commonalties between functional areas (e.g. both business and maintenance applications need to logon)? 

3.What are the more business-generic aspects of the application (e.g. logon)? 

4.How should the components or behavior be layered to provide flexibility?

Iterates with:
Application Component Architecture A diagram showing the individual applications, the individual components and their relationships to each other.
Application Design Notes A brief narrative or outline describing the design of the application including its key design elements.