Network Model

This task assumes a distributed system. This task uses the volumetric and location information and attempts to define the demand placed on the network by detailing the transactions that occur between two functions located apart from one another. This information along with the network diagram and service requirements can then be used to judge the ability of the network to support the application and guide its evolution should changed be required.
Risk & Impact: This task defines how the requirements of the network infrastructure. If this task is not performed, it is possible that the network will not be able to support the load generated by the solution.
Inputs: Process and Data Placement 
Volumetric Analysis
Upstream Tasks: Process and Data Placement
Downstream Tasks:  
Questions Asked:
  1. Where are the various platforms (and hence functions) located in the network topology?
  2. What is the connection type, total and available bandwidth between platforms?
Iterates with:  
Deliverables: Network Model A diagram depicting the network topology, the location of platforms in that topology, the transactional characteristics or exchanges occurring between those platforms.