Volumetric Analysis

Description Examines the work being performed in the use cases and attempts to define, for each logical function, the frequency of occurrence and the amount of data involved.This data will feed efforts to ensure both network and database performance.This information should be related to the units of work defined in the transaction model when appropriate.
Risk & Impact: This task defines the load the solution will place on the environment and infrastructure. Without understanding the load, it is not possible to anticipate performance characteristics or the lack of environmental and infrastructural support for the solution
Inputs: Transaction Model
Preliminary Process and Data Placement
Upstream Tasks: Transaction Model
Downstream Tasks: Process and Data Placement
Questions Asked:
  1. What are the discrete functions being performed by the system?
  2. For each function, how often does it occur? 
  3. What data is exchanged during this function?
Iterates with: Requirements Use Cases
Deliverables: Volumetric Analysis A document or spreadsheet detailing the functions/transactions and their characteristics (e.g. frequency, volume of data, peek periods).